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Art, Theatre, & Music


133 Centre St, Middleborough, Ma 02346

Alley Theatre

The Alley Theatre is an entertainment space in the heart of the town. It is a venue for both private and public use. It hosts anything from bridal to birthday parties while also being a space for plays and concerts. These public events happen multiple times a month. The Alley Theatre boasts a full bar and food menu through work with the Central Cafe and Main Ingredient.

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Outdoor Recreation

Prat Farm 2.png

110 E Main St, Middleborough, Ma 02346

Pratt Farm

The Pratt Farm is an example of the large scale dairy industry that once was so important to Middleborough’s history. This Farming site has changed hands multiple times since the 1700s. In prevention of a golf course being built on this historic site, the town of Middleborough purchased the acreage in 1986. It has been kept as a nature enthusiast’s haven ever since, with bike, walking, and hiking trails that follow fields, streams and other natural vistas.

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History & Architecture

Oliver House, got from taunton gazette.jpg

445 Plymouth St, Middleborough, Ma 02346

Oliver House

The Oliver House is a classic American home that was built in 1769. This beautiful estate showcases the Oliver family's wealth that came from the Oliver Mill and Iron Works. Although the large mansion of Judge Peter Oliver was burned down tragically by a patriot mob, the smaller house of Peter Oliver Jr. still stands on the estate. 

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